UHD American Marketing Association



About Us

We seek to be the most relevant voice for Marketing as we encourage others to further learn about their career path.

AMA UHD serves as a guide into the business/marketing world for incoming and outgoing university students. Our community provides a stepping stone for post graduate success. We strive to offer students a community of like-minded students and professionals to help them grow into the careers they desire. AMA is a funnel for growth, learning, and leadership among the UHD community.

Members Benefits

Think of AMA UHD as a marketing community, serving as a hub for information sharing, gathering, and exchanging. A place for you to come for help, questions, and guidance. We will act as a funnel to the AMA National membership according to your individual goals and at your own pace. From Freshmen to Senior, AMA is transparent with you; you will get the advice and guidance we wish we had starting out, student to student.









Why should I join?

We get to learn from you, your unique experiences, and gain another perspective from you. But you also get to learn from us, fellow members, and have access to the things that are going to empower us to grow and be successful.


Meeting new students with shared interest, goals, and ambitions. We all help each other reach our highest potential.

Job Postings!!

Updated regularly. Some are internships but any internship posted is paid. We got you

Trainings, Webinars, Business Tools, and More

Free access to *pretty much* gain competitive advantage post-grad