Career Learning Communities

Career Learning Communities (CLCs) are organized by career industry, not by major. Not sure what career you want to enter after graduation? This is a great chance for you to pursue your different interests! CLCs provide students with a supportive environment to continue your career exploration, and build career-specific skills and competencies.

By joining a CLC, you will be a part of building community with a group of new transfer students who are entering the same career field as you. You will receive once monthly newsletters with information regarding upcoming events and opportunities related to your CLC. In addition, each CLC will have lunch meet ups (when on-campus gathering is once again permitted) for you to build relationships and networks with your fellow CLC members. CLC activities are led by a variety of qualified individuals in various formats to give students insight and guidance on career-making decision.

*Videos of past CLC events are listed under each of their respective industry.