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News of produce growing in garden. Compost collection days.

Produce Growing

Currently, the garden is holding some beautiful produce. There are figs, poblano peppers, peppermint, chocolate mint, banana peppers, basil, and lemongrass that are currently being given out. We are nursing cabbage, string beans, pumpkins, and other plants but they are not producing just yet.


Feel free to bring any food scraps from home. These scraps are used for the compost in order to provide a healthy fertilizer for the plants to grow properly. Things such as fruit and vegetable skins and rotten fruits and vegetables.

  • Peppermint and Chocolate Mint

  • Basil

We would like to add new items to the garden. Please let us know in the contact section which plants and flowers you would like to see in the UHD Garden. We greatly appreciate any ideas and options given to us. We will do our best to try to make the garden a great place for everyone.