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The NSLS is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The NSLS offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The NSLS also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. The guiding question we established to shape all the important decisions the organization makes is: "Are we helping the greatest number of people in the greatest way?" When asked how he might sum up the key thing that the NSLS does, founder Gary Tuerack shared, "We are dream supporters – we build leaders, support people in achieving their dreams, and better the world in the process. We get people to ask the all-important question, 'What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?' and then help them to achieve those goals."









Members Benefits

PRE-INDUCTION MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Scholarships & Awards: Access to over a quarter-million dollars exclusively to NSLS members each year for tuition, community service and educational assistance Job Bank: Apply to jobs/internships and access to employers seeking to hire NSLS members Partner Discounts & Benefits: Enjoy discounts on many retail goods and services Speaker Broadcasts: A series of six live streamed speaker broadcasts per year by celebrities, authors, motivational speakers and professionals on relevant topics facing students and graduates Success Networking Team: Participate with your NSLS peers in goal setting, accountability and commitment to action Success Coaches: Improve skills, refine focus and interact with a professional success coach Broadcast Archive: Online access to past presentations from more than 50 nationally renowned NSLS speakers; Click Here to see some of our past speakers Professional Communication Training: A professionally administered communication assessment tool (DiSC) helps you identify your own communication style, teaches you to recognize and appreciate other styles and prepares you to interact effectively with others Social Events: Meet like-minded people and make friends at social events, fundraising events, service projects and other NSLS gatherings Leadership Collection: Online interview series with career experts to guide you in landing your dream job Motivational Mondays: Get inspired each week by a recording delivered directly to you Monthly Newsletter: Read the NSLS Newsletter highlighting scholarships, chapter and member success stories, advice from leading motivational speakers and more Member Shop: In addition to the items you receive upon induction, the shop provides you with a wider selection to commemorate your membership POST-INDUCTION MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Letter of Recommendation: Receive a personalized letter of recommendation that you can send to employers and admissions offices Graduation Honors: Proudly wear honor cords, stole and charm at your graduation as an inducted member Scholarships & Awards for Inducted Members: Additional scholarships available to inducted members Leadership Training Certification: Awarded after completion of the leadership training program Resume Enhancement: NSLS membership on your resume sets you apart as a leader to admission counselors and employers Inducted Member Items: Receive your leadership certificate, NSLS t-shirt, car decal, and NSLS insignia pin upon induction Leadership Opportunities: Avail yourself of opportunities for local, regional, or national leadership positions in the NSLS Presidential Members (3.3+ GPA): Receive a Presidential Seal on your leadership training certificate Nationwide Network: Join over 1,157,478 members at over 708 colleges in a network of support and motivation

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