Sports & Fitness Memberships

Membership to Sports & Fitness is open to all current UHD students, and employees at no additional charge. Memberships may be purchased by UHD alumni (must be UHD graduates) and current UHD Criminal Justice Cadets.

UHD students, employees, and UHD alumni members may purchase one friend membership for a friend or relative.

Alumni Membership
Year - $80
› Year - $50

Alumni Friend Membership*
Year - $120
› Year - $80

Employee Friend Membership*
Year - $120
› Year - $80

Student Friend Membership*
$50 per long semester (Jan-May) (Aug-Dec)
$20 summer (June-July) - This membership is contingent upon the student completing classes at UHD the previous spring semester or the student being enrolled during the summer semester.

*A Friend Member is not eligible to participate in intramural sports. Some other restrictions may apply.

For more information regarding Sports & Fitness memberships please email us at sports&