EDGE Grant

The EDGE grant is available to UHD full-time staff members interested in attending seminars, workshops, training sessions, continuing education courses, etc. that are related to their jobs.

The UHD Staff Council has established a grant award for staff members as part an ongoing effort to promote staff education and self-development. Funds for the EDGE are raised by Staff Council through fundraising efforts.

One grant per month will be awarded to a UHD full-time staff member. The maximum award per workshop/seminar, etc. is limited to $200. Recipient will be chosen at the monthly Staff Council Executive Committee meeting by random draw. The award is non-transferable and if not used by the seminar date, must be returned to the Staff Council account. Please contact any Staff Council Executive Committee member for an application.


  • Applicant must be a UHD full-time staff member with at least 6 months of employment.
  • Applicant may not apply for more than one seminar/workshop or submit more than one application per month.
  • Only one award per person, per six months from winning date.
  • Seminar date must be within two months from date of application.
  • Applications will remain active until seminar date expires.
  • Applications must be hand delivered to the Staff Council President-Elect by the Monday before the scheduled meeting. A number will be assigned by the President-Elect to that application.
  • The seminar/workshop must be approved by the applicant's immediate supervisor. Applications without a supervisor's approval will not be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I apply in April for a seminar that will take place in June, and my name is not drawn in May, can my name be drawn again in the June meeting?

Yes, the application will be date stamped.

Can I apply for a different seminar in the next month?

No, as long as the first application remains active, no additional applications will be accepted.

Who will make payment arrangements and process the seminar registration paperwork?

For seminars of $200 or less, Staff Council will initiate a payment voucher from the Staff Council account. Registration arrangements and accommodations are the responsibility of the award winner. For seminars exceeding $200, Staff Council will initiate a payment voucher from the Staff Council account. The recipient's supervisor must furnish a department account to charge the difference in the amount of total cost for attendance. The voucher will be signed by the Staff Council President and the person with signature authority for the department account. Registration and accommodations are the responsibility of the award winner.

Apply now by downloading the EDGE Application.