Election Process

Nomination Process

All benefits-eligible Staff Council members in good standing and with a minimum of 1-year tenure at UHD, with the exception of administrative staff (assistant and associate deans, deans, executive directors, assistant and associate vice presidents, vice presidents, and the University President), are eligible for Executive Committee nomination.

Candidates must complete the nomination form. All nominations are reviewed by ESO to ensure eligibility. Qualified candidates will be placed on the ballot for the election process, which is handled by the Staff Council Membership Board and Elections Committee.

Staff Council Membership Board elected positions are as follows:

Executive Committee

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Officer

Division Ambassadors

  • 3 from Academic and Student Affairs
  • 3 from Administration and Finance
  • 2 from Employment Services and Operations
  • 2 from the President's Office and Advancement and University Relations

Executive Committee members and Ambassadors serve for a single one-year term. President-Elect serves a two-year term: year one as President-Elect and year two as President.

The nomination process will open on the first Monday and close on the third Monday in May. Self-nominations are accepted. Staff may be eligible to run for officer and ambassador positions concurrently but can only hold one office. All candidates shall complete the Staff Council Executive Committee Candidate Form. All nominations will be reviewed by Employment Services and Operations (ESO) to ensure eligibility. Qualified candidates will be included on the ballot.

All nomination forms must be delivered to ESO in Suite S910.


Elections for the Membership Board shall open the second Monday in June and close on the fourth Monday in June. Terms of office shall begin on September 1. Ambassadors will be the persons receiving the highest number of votes.